Americans spend an average of 4.5 hours on the internet a day.  More than half of that is spent on social media. Marketers for large and small businesses alike have been taking advantage of social media as a vehicle for tailored advertising – and it WORKS.

Your BBB can help you reach customers by being a good partner and showing them that your business is ethical and trustworthy, but we understand that marketing yourself in this day and age is a littler trickier than just a sign on a door. Social media dominates internet traffic and you need to learn where to focus your efforts.

First you have to identify your audience. What age group is your ideal customer? According to Pew Research Center, almost 60% of adults (18+) who are online in the US are on Facebook. So, your best bet is to always start there!


But what other platforms would work for you? Consider these facts about social media traffic and users:

  • Over half (!!) of young adults (aged 19-29) are Instagram users – 49% of which use the app daily
  • If your target audience is the lady of the house – She’s probably on Pinterest. 42% of women who are online use Pinterest regularly.
  • Searching for college-educated consumers or job seekers? 50% of internet users with a college degree are on LinkedIn.

In an upcoming workshop entitled, “Social Media is a Cocktail Party” I’ll be going more in depth about social media marketing for a small business. Join us on November 18th (contact me at for more information) for a more in-depth workshop about making an impact on social media.

Meghan Meeker
Marketing Specialist at Akron BBB


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