“Love. Perseverance. Gratitude. Compassion. The laws of life are the core values that we take with us wherever we go and whatever we do. The Laws of Life Essay Contest challenges young people to discover for themselves the values that will guide them throughout life.”

The Laws of Life Essay Contest asks students in grades 9-12 to self-reflect and write about ethical principles that will help them develop leadership skills and their character. And in the processcollegestudent_twitter, they will learn more about themselves and what they stand for after reading the UncommonSense® FRAMEWORK. Plus it gives teachers the opportunity to really get to know their students and encourage empathy and compassion.

A local contest is as simple as one teacher and one class — or whatever works for your community. All resources are available on BBB’s website to start the contest. Download them free at:

The Teacher’s Guide has suggested lesson plans and essay prompts and suggestions on how to integrate this writing assignment within state and Common Core standards.

“The Laws of Life contest fit perfectly into our 10th grade curriculum, giving me a chance to review narrative writing skills with students early in the year and then revise and edit with students until the due date. I incorporated several standards and used an essential question to get students interested in the assignment: Where do we come from, and how does this shape what we believe?  Students really enjoyed creating narratives based on their own strong opinions and beliefs. I was so proud that 5 of my students won cash prizes!

This really boosted their confidence and got other students asking when the next competition would be. Even parents were excited! Being recognized for their work, let alone winning a monetary prize, is a first for many of my students. Therefore, I am thankful to the BBB for this wonderful experience, and we cannot wait to participate again!”

Ms. Aubrey Denton, English Department, Ravenna High School

The BBB of Akron sponsors this valuable experience for Ohio’s youth because we believe that to have trustworthy businesses tomorrow, we must encourage strong character in our youth today.

For more information about this enriching program – visit your BBB’s website here or contact Kim Ickes.

Kim Ickes, Director of Administration
Better Business Bureau of Akron
222 W Market Street
Akron, OH 44303
Serving Ashland, Medina, Portage, Richland, Summit & Wayne Counties 
p: 330-253-4590



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