One of my first jobs after graduating at Kent State was in sales. My Uncle who was also in sales asked “Do you know the ABC of selling?” I said “No, what is it?  He said “Always Be Closing.” I took that advice to heart and it helped in the beginning. However, having a mid-set that your leads and prospects will close automatically if you talked them into it is increasingly more difficult.

Our society today, social interaction is mainly driven by technology. Consumers have an opportunity to research and fact find without a sales person, so it’s important to use the ABC of social selling.

What is Social Selling?

Jill Rowley’s #SocialSelling takes the ABC idea to social selling with the term Always Be Connecting. Social selling gives a salesforce a powerful tool to learn about customers before even speaking. More importantly, you are building a relationship far before you make a call. Customer who are on Linkedin, or Facebook are real people, so having relatable posts or pertinent information that would be a help to their industry is key. This also gives you an understanding on what challengers your company can help them solve.

What social media should I use in social selling?

In my research many of the contributors leaned towards LinkedIn for potential customers. This is a more professional site and would have the potential customer’s business information instead of children’s pictures, rants about the Cleveland Cavilers or other personal information. The exception to the rule is current Facebook friends. If you already have a connection with friends and established relationships, you should engage them. An example of this is one of my High School friend who is now a relator. She has a business profile on Facebook and I already was friend with her.

Hopefully, you can utilize Social Selling as a great tool, make lasting relationships, and be a solution to your customer’s problem.

Contact BBB of Akron’s Orlando for more information on this topic, or to discuss opportunities your business can have when partnering with BBB.






Orlando Romine


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