As a Business Relations Consultant with the Better Business Bureau, I’ve had a great deal of conversations with small business owners that share a common question, how to survive in today’s economy? I wanted to share some information that I studied recently from Tai Lopez. If you are already incorporating these, great, but if not, I hope this might be a help.

  1. Gaining Knowledge

In sales, I found that the end goal is to convey an understating of a product or service no matter what that industry is. This requires reading websites, magazines, books to have a better understanding of my customer. Even Tony Robbins said to read a book a day. Gaining knowledge not only subjects of interest but also, things that might not interest you will give you a competitive edge over your competition. This happens by knowing your customer and relating to them all levels.

  1. Strategy

Having a plan is something everyone says, but truly is an idea! To have a plan of action is the key. For instance, if a business owner is looking for a way to get more foot or internet traffic they could use BBB e-quote program that generates leads from people who visit our site on Or using the accredited seal on their website to establish trust with a potential customer who are looking for companies who have demonstrated sound business practices. BBB offers those tools and more, but having a strategy is vital in survive in this economy.

  1.  Execution through Immersion

The last point that Tai brought up was being immersed in gaining knowledge and your strategy. One of the Webster’s definition for immersion is deep mental involvement. It takes a commitment to the strategy, from the small detail to the overall goal of your plan, you have to believe and commit to that belief that it will work So as a small business knowing the culture, being able at times to engage in conversation with people from all different background, building a relationship with the community, strategically planning how to grow, increase your web presence are a few ways to survive in this economy.


Orlando Romine
Business Relations Consultant





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